Deadly Little Secrets #5-editedPublished Dec 2013 by MarketingtheMuse Publications.Debut novel, ebook format only.

A lifelong friendship is tested and a father and his son’s worlds’ collide as a high school teacher is targeted in this story about the early years of the AIDS pandemic; a time in American history when the AIDS virus took root and people began taking sides.

In the spring of 1985, school RN Loretta Casterini discovers a side to her best friend, Dr Julia Brooks, she hasn’t seen. The more Loretta discovers, the more she fears that the woman she’s known since fifth grade is a woman she may not really know at all. AIDS is the public health issue that tests this friendship; the same issue that still challenges many friendships today, 30+ years later.

People keep secrets, even from those they love most. Some secrets can be deadly; a fact Loretta discovers over the 10-day period this story is told. Set in an affluent Orange County California coastal community in 1985, Deadly Little Secrets could have been set just about anywhere during that time when too few folks cared that homosexual men were dying.

But some did. Deadly Little Secrets shines light on these folks, too. Click here to download sample and/or purchase.



DAYS GONE BY-ebook coverOU01_

Marla’s first ebook published June 2013 spotlights the Santa Barbara Writers Conference in these two scenes excerpted from her novel-in-progress, SweetSpot, about a midlife woman who turns her life upside down. It all begins when she attends her first writers conference. Click here to sample/purchase.

All American Girls: The USA National Soccer Team

Score the winning goal with superstar Mia Hamm. Chart the plays and take to the field with co-captain Julie Foudy. Go for the gold with the champs — Michelle Akers, Carla Overbeck, Joy Fawcett and Kristine Lilly, and the rest of the stellar 1999 World Cup team! Read all about our favorite players in the first authorized book on the members of the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team.

Find the latest stats, action-packed photos, bios, and advice from the hottest stars in professional sports today. Follow these all-American girls from their earliest days in soccer to their record-breaking careers, with Q&As, and personal info you won’t find anyplace else. It’s all here, in the book that’s a must-have for every soccer fan!  Published by Simon & Schuster

Decode the Black Box of Group Health Insurance

I was honored tDecode the Black Box bookcovero be asked to help craft Decode the Black Box of Group Health Insurance, an important book penned by 30-year senior executive health insurance industry insider, J Lara Juanillo.  My many years in health care added a component to this ‘how-to-save-your-clients’ money book that will significantly help brokers, employers, union representatives and human resource personel negotiate lower rates for their clients that include firefighters, teachers, etc. Beginning August 2012, I will moderate tutorial Decode the Black Box  webinars for this group of professionals whose health insurance rate negotiations make a real difference in their clients’ lives.

The Booty Bible: The Top Ten Commandments of Quick & Easy Tush-Tightening

The Booty Bible, a fitness book created by fitness guru/model, Alicia Marie and Marla Miller as ‘with author/editor.

This Booty ‘fit-cyclo-pedia’ includes expert, EASY-TO-FOLLOW nutrition advice, Alicia’s  10 COMMANDMENTS for ‘Booty-boosting on a time budget’ and more – PLUS simple exercise moves aimed at getting your bum in perfect shape, whatever ‘perfect’ means to you.

We had much fun. Alicia Marie’s fitness et al fan base is well deserved. She’s an amazing talent; funny, kind and just tough enough.