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Editing clients published as of  2//25/2017:  Feel free to contact them via their websites. I think they’d all ‘thumbs up’ my work. 🙂

 Published February 13, 2017   Breaking Through!: Stories of Hope and Recovery by Dr Mark Stahlhuth (Author), Dr Nancy Irwin (Author)

Hired two years ago almost to the day of publication, I worked as intimately on this book as I have on my own. If someone you know struggles with addiction, the vignettes of families impacted will be a familiar read to you. Help is out here and I’m pleased to be associated with the fine team at the Seasons in Malibu treatment centers. From idea through publication, it was a true team effort. I learned so much about independent publishing and all of it so good to know. Blog about this project coming soon.


Published June, 2016  Inflamed: discover the root cause of inflammation and personalize a step-by-step plan to create a healthy, vibrant life by Shelly Malone

Indie author and registered dietitian Shelly Malone, MPH, RDN, met me at a writers conference and thought we’d make a good author/editor team. We did. Remember authors, it’s almost always a good idea to hire an editor who can bring some extra expertise to the editing process, especially if your book is nonfiction.Shelly also knows how to market. Find her in social media and watch how she does it; often by offering good information this tribe of readers want more of as she also points them to her book. @shelly.malone

 Published 4/20/2016  Forty Years Stoned: a journalist’s romance by Tom Huth

Here is the cover of the last ‘Advanced Reading Copy before publication’ sent by Tom’s publisher, Heliotrope Books. We were all thrilled Tom snagged a blurb from Melissa Etheridge, which his publisher immediately ran across the upper front cover. Tom also set up a great debut book signing in his former Colorado hometown. Oh, and he also contacted world famous photographer Annie Leibovitz to ask if one of her photographs could grace the cover of his memoir. Ms. Leibovitz was flown down by CondeNast Travel to photograph the story Tom was writing. His wife accompanied Tom to this exotic port-of-call. Holly also stars in Tom’s memoir. For the past twenty years, Tom has been Holly’s caretaker as Parkinson’s slowly took over her life.  And yes, cannabis helps both of them cope.  Ms. Leibovitz said yes to the photograph and did not charge Tom one dime to use it!   

As Forty Years Stoned ‘s first year anniversary approaches, Tom continues to write and build his platform though he has to be coaxed into calling ‘writing stories’ a platform building. His latest, a series, Fake News Your Can Trust, draws inspiration from his WashingtonPost Watergate era reporting days and of course, today’s reporting days.

Published 2014  the Black Box of Group Health Insurance by J.Lara Juanillo, Marla Miller, RN, MSN, Dr. Min DeLorean

I was honored tDecode the Black Box bookcovero help craft Decode the Black Box of Group Health Insurance, an important book penned by 30-year senior executive health insurance industry insider, J Lara Juanillo.  My many years in health care added a component to this ‘how-to-save-your-clients’ money book that will significantly help brokers, employers, union representatives and Human Resource personnel negotiate lower rates for their clients that include firefighters, teachers, etc.







Published 2013  Miracles and Grace in an Unlikely Place by Charisse Tyson


We met at a writer’s conference and she thought we’d be a good fit. She was right. This manuscript weighed in at over 135,000 words. I cut 40,000…at least…then instructed the author to cut 10,000 more. Why? Even the MOST noted authors know that the attention span of most readers is finite. Don’t lose them before you hook them.

Editorial note to writers: It’s about your story, not your belief systems or your politics…or your editor’s. Can we work together? Does your editor bring something to the editing table you believe will have value to your storytelling? Do you get a good vibe from her/him? Important factors to consider when choosing an editor.




Published 2012  Booty Bible: The Top Ten Commandments of Quick & Easy Tush-Tightening by Alicia Marie and Marla Miller

The Booty Bible, a fitness book created by fitness guru/model, Alicia Marie. Marla Miller  is ‘with author/editor of this Booty ‘fit-cyclo-pedia’ that includes expert, EASY-TO-FOLLOW nutrition advice, Alicia’s  10 COMMANDMENTS for ‘Booty-boosting on a time/budget’ and more – PLUS simple exercise moves aimed at getting your bum in perfect shape, whatever ‘perfect’ means to you.

We had much fun. Alicia Marie’s fitness et al fan base is well deserved. She’s an amazing talent; funny, kind and just tough enough.


Sold but not yet published,  Pub date: June 201

Five time Emmy winner & NFL Films’ director/writer will add ‘memoirist’ to his credits  on Father’s Day, 2017. The story, poignant and dang funny, will be published by a small New York press and yes, he knows that video is a great way to build platforms!  He has an edge, for sure. His manuscript, by way of a query letter he couldn’t write, came to me at about 125,000 words and left reading about 35,000 words lighter. Writing is rewriting, writers.

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A previously published ebook novel is on vacation.

DAYS GONE BY-ebook coverOU01_

Days Gone By was published in June 2013 and soon after noted writer, author, artist and founder of the Santa Barbara Writers Conference Barnaby Conrad crossed over. Two scenes excerpted from her novel in progress spotlight the Santa Barbara Writers Conference. This character driven story about a middle age wife turning her life inside out begins at her first writers’ conference when she meets him. Isn’t there always one of those?

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All American Girls: The USA National Soccer Team by Marla Miller  Published, June 1999
Back cover: Score the winning goal with superstar Mia Hamm. Chart the plays and take to the field with co-captain Julie Foudy. Go for the gold with the champs — Michelle Akers, Carla Overbeck, Joy Fawcett and Kristine Lilly, and the rest of the stellar 1999 World Cup team! Read all about our favorite players in the first authorized book on the members of the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team. Follow these all-American girls from their earliest days in soccer to their record-breaking careers, with Q&As, and personal info you won’t find anyplace else. It’s all here, in the book that’s a must-have for every soccer fan!
Published by Simon & Schuster

A publishing experience in 1998/99 began this naive author’s interest in how publishing works and doesn’t work for its own authors. The big five houses (six back then) roam around in a very small world; a world where they all know what the other one is doing. Trading secrets and doing deals are part of among-house strategies that we, the authors, aren’t privy to until we enter their sacred halls. Even then, entry is usually wrapped around racking up many bestsellers that wonderfully wrap up profits like no other bow can. It’s just business, writers. Learn the ins & outs as much as you can while you hone your craft and you’ll save yourself some disappointment.