California PROP64, Adult Use Marijuana Act, on 1 Page

Prop64, a.k.a. Adult Use Marijuana Act, is the second attempt by cannabis supporters in California to pass a prop that will offer legalization state-wide to California citizens.

A no brainer, right? Especially now that we have a much better understanding of the massive inequities in our criminal justice system, one would think that Californians would be running to the post office to mail their ballots marked YES on #Prop64.

But guess who isn’t happy about Prop64? Old-time cannabis users, not all just those who make livings from medical cannabis-from growers, legal and illegal, to dispensaries that sell the herb. Why don’t they support Prop64? Reasons vary but the one I hear often is that Prop64 still won’t make cannabis legal and these folks are holding out till a Prop comes along that will legalize the herb.

Really? Here’s a primer of governance.  Legalization -albeit, a modified legalization – MUST spread through a majority of states. Why? The federal government has the ultimate say-so. Until they say it’s legal, we ALL have to live with this version of legal. The federal government also hears the will of the people…eventually. The more states embracing this MODIFIED form of legalization, the more pressure we put on the federal government.

It’s one thing to defend against cannabis haters, (of which there are few I’m delighted to say). What is unconscionable for this activist is to defend legalization to our own people, a small faction of which want this herb kept illegal. They say it’s because Prop64 is not perfect, yes, they’ve used that word, but here’s what I think they are really saying by voting no: I got mine, screw the rest of you.

Californians must know that our state was the first to legalize medical marijuana in 1996 with the help of brave activists like Val Corral and others who worked on the legislation that passed Prop 215. After that, another medical marijuana piece of legislation was passed that is referred to as Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act, MMRSA. It’s a mess of a bill that is vague and has caused lots of chaos in cities and counties throughout the state. That said, it also is open to interpretation. There’s the rub. Depending on the MD you visit, you can get a prescription to grow 90 plants. Nobody needs that much medicine so those growing 90 plants are running businesses, non taxed businesses with no quality control. Not everyone using cannabis is treated equally. Old time growers, many of whom live in Northern California in the Emerald Triangle counties, live great lives, coexisting in peace with police departments that do not pressure them. Why? Because many living in this region have hands in pot businesses. The business practices are established and they work so why change?

Here’s why:

Our prisons are filled with pot offenders. Take a look at Prop64 Overview posted below. Californians are tired of feeding these mammoth prisons-for-profits our teens and young adults who provide slave labor.

The underground won’t ever admit this – just like they’d never admit to dumping toxic pesticides on a crops weeks before harvest that become infected with bugs or mold – but too many have raped the land, extracted its nutrients, stolen its water before moving on after harvests and leaving these grow sites trashed with pollutants. #Prop64 has millions of dollars allocated to clean-up these fields, a majority located in northern California.

Cannabis needs to get into clinical research labs where it belongs. When #Prop64 passes, the University of California, San Diego will get a 2 million dollar check to continue the fine research they are conducting on the plant. Not enough I say, but it’s a beginning and that’s the point. We must begin to shift this herb from maligned to healing and we can’t do that by making Rick Simpson oil on stovetops. Cool to do in the privacy of your own home, which by the way you will be able to do with SIX plants you will be LEGALLY allowed to grow once #Prop64 passes. But home grow is for home use, not clinical.

Don’t listen to the naysayers. They are out here sabotaging because they are fearful that their livelihoods are being threatened, and in fact, they probably are. Nothing stays the same. While I dig hearing stories about the old days, a new day has dawned in the cannabis movement and we need to move the herb to the next level. Mother Nature would want us to do this. She gave birth to this healing herb thousands of years ago. It’s time to honor her so please California voters,  vote YesyonProp64. If you have any questions, email me. If I can’t answer, I will direct you to someone who can.