For decades, I have watched and helped treat the deleterious effects of alcohol abuse, both in the hospital setting and in my own family.

Alcoholism reeks havoc on every organ, from brain to private parts.

Alcoholism turns livers into globs of gray matter that cease to do what livers do-extract poisons from your body.

Gastrointestinal maladies are too many to mention but let’s just say bleeding ulcers and inflamed colons result from & thrive on too much alcohol.

Obesity? Often a secondary condition that ‘grows’ from longterm drinking. All that beer tastes even better with all that fast food, don’t you know.

Emaciation? For those who’d rather drink than eat, this condition makes you real attractive to other emaciated people…maybe.

Systemic circulation becomes compromised and why so many middle-aged men & women wear those bulbous, broken blood vessel-splotched noses on their faces. Circulation in the lower extremities? You don’t even want to know but suffice it to say, what compromised circulation looks like in the legs ‘ain’t’ pretty to look at and also causes much pain.

And the brain? Well, let’s just call it ‘wet brain’ like we do in the clinical setting when a chronic alcoholic is admitted. Addle-brained is another ‘beloved’ term to describe the rotting of brain cells due to chronic consumption of this favored American drink.

The heart? Another glob of slack muscle that causes so many related maladies – systemic edema, pulmonary disease & high blood pressure just to name a few.

The constant assault to the pancreas over time causes it to flounder and the results of that inefficiency include Diabetes Type 11.

Family life screwed up? Thank too much alcohol for causing families to dysfunction and display behaviors that too often the one(s) causing all that craziness can’t  remember. Why’s that? We call it ‘blackout’ and why chronic boozers keep doing what they do. While they don’t remember, the rest of us sure do.

What about alcohol & violent crime? Just ask any family who’s had to live through a family member’s rage-oholics fueled by this favorite American drink.

Murder is reaching too far, you say? Unless a loved one was killed by a drunk driver.

Oh! Another reason why this very popular substance continues to be so popular: A family that drinks together passes this behavior along to offspring through all their ‘good’ times of partying with the kids. Guess what happens? Your kids grow up to party-hardy with alcohol, too. Hey! It’s legal, don’t you know?

Folks, we’re being played by the industry that has profited since the Prohibition ban was lifted. The liquor industry, its lobbyists and all those elected officials who have their hands in all that liquor lobby money, do not want change. They want you to keep drinking booze while they do their part to vilify marijuana.

We need to get this hardcore information out here and why I’m so grateful that Jon Stewart is doing his part. Quit glorifying alcohol, America. It’s a killer and many families out here can and will testify.