The Real Gay Guys Of: Pitching To Bravo TV’s Andy Cohen

#AndyCohen was on The Colbert Report selling a book bound to be on MacMillan’s best seller list soon. This was his fourth appearance since 2010 and his second book about being Andy Cohen.

This former CBS newsman is reality TV’s grand master-a man with a pulse planted on American housewives’ unsatisfying, dysfunctional and chaotic lives. A man who admits he doesn’t take himself too seriously, always making sure he’s the butt of his own jokes. Wanna bet Andy laughs at himself all the way to the bank?

Andy and Stephen spent the segment teasing good-naturedly. At one point, Stephen nudged Andy to consider adding a ‘small Midwest city’ housewife series to the Real Housewives brand. Andy liked the idea. “I think you’re on to something, Stephen, I see five women in mom jeans holding stalks of corn.”

Nodding his agreement, Stephen replied, “I think they are surely as capable of alcoholism and rage as any of them.”

Ah, that #StephenColbert, always taking a swing you don’t see coming. Until it connects. A look of ‘smarts’ washed over Andy but only for a smidge of a second and then that smile of his – Stephen calls it ‘Gittowatt’ & he’s right – lit up his face and the segment ended.

But I got to thinking. Why only real housewives, Andy Cohen?

What about real #gayguys? I’m serious. The gay man’s footprint out here is as solid as the group I once belonged to, American housewives. The stereotypic images of gay guys that Andy Cohen could project for us to all be entertained by could surely be as out-of-whack as the images his housewives have projected on behalf of American housewives for the last decade or so.

Don’t you think?

So here’s my pitch to Andy Cohen, reality show meister extraordinaire.

The Real Gay Guys of Fire Island
The Real Gay Guys of West Hollywood
The Real Gay Guys of the Castro
The Real Gay Guys of Chelsea

I suggest at least several young man/older man pairings because from what I see, that’s quite popular. Projecting a moneyed image won’t be an issue because unlike a lot of the housewives (who may have pursued this venture with the hopes of making lots of dough from it) I don’t think finding moneyed, well coiffed, handsome guys will be any trouble at all. Gay guys are quite often well educated and well off.  As for good looks, I don’t even need to go there.

Speaking of looks, should you like my pitch, we must find a way to get Million DollarListing/NYC’s Fredrik Eklund and his husband, Derek Kaplan, in the Chelsea series. I adore Fredrik and okay, so he’s darling to look at but that hubby of his, OMG! Heart melting handsome! All of us women viewers think so Andy and remember, women are #BravoTV’s audience. Also remember, women love to have gay guys as best friends. Every girl knows gay guys make better best friends than straight girls do. I’m sure Kathy Griffin will testify.

One last thought:  Imagine those fight scenes! Buff gay guys swinging  – YUM! Just think about it, Andy Cohen. I’m great at story development and see this one clearly.