& Give This Weed A Chance.

My dear buddies on #Facebook inspired this latest Medi-MJ News To Know editorial.

I’m asking all who read this to please give the facts about marijuana as much room in your mind’s eye as you have offered its fallacies. Pretty much every other post about MJ gets steered toward the propaganda we all grew up hearing, even if we did/do toke in the closet.

Marijuana legalization is coming to pass because it makes good sense, medically and socially. A new industry in its infancy stage that like alcohol, is bound to boom once it officially comes out of the closet across this great land.

So I’m asking all of you to give weed a chance, especially if you drink a steady amount of booze. I come from a long line of a very funny Irish mix of hard drinking folks, funny until they weren’t. When you see an article posted out here by a person you regard, give it a read. You may be one of many suffering from maladies cannabis’s CBD/medicine levels really helps…including, by the way, helping one decrease one’s daily alcohol intake. 

Really, you owe it to yourself, especially if you or a loved one suffers from certain maladies-here’s a list I found just today that’s worth a review. I’m also including the link I posted a few days ago that prompted this blog post; the comments almost instantly went from the subject of my post, marijuana as a pain management therapy, to teens using it as a gateway to heroin. Okay, so I’m exaggerating but not by much.

Get ready because it’s the coming, the legalization of Mother Nature’s own home remedy that helps heal what ails you. And I mean that.

Give this weed a chance.