Deadly Little Secrets #5-edited

When potential readers of Deadly Little Secrets want to know what the #AIDS social climate was like in 1985, the year this suspense novel was set, here’s Madonna performing an #AIDS skit on #SaturdayNightLive in 1985.

Deadly Little Secrets offers a snapshot of those times when Rock Hudson came out and #gayteens hid even further from view. It also shines light on teens-and some parents, too-whose bravery was unexpected.  An ultra-conservative school board and ambitious politician cause the conflicts that drives a wedge between 2 lifelong friends, a school nurse and plastic surgeon. At the heart of Deadly Little Secrets is the testing of this friendship, via the politics of their time.  Though this SNL skit is hyperbolic, it ushers in an  era we live in today: Sometimes, politics matter in friendships.

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