Consultations available for writers working on craft

Story consultation: $50/15 minute 1:1 session to discuss query letter and/or story. Quite helpful & I don’t watch the clock. We connect via +Google Hangout, Skype or telephone.  In particular, this  session helps those writers having trouble honing in on core query letter components. In these sessions, we talk ‘story’ and my questions often help you flesh out yours. Being asked questions helps focus on ‘hookable’ elements in your story. Read what several have to say about our 1: 1 sessions.

 Private Query Letter Critique for your eyes only. $25.00 I read & critique your query letter via video and send you the link to my critique.

Testimonials from Marla Miller’s editing clients.

I spent the last six years on my non-fiction manuscript. In August of 2011 I tested the market by mailing a few query letters to agents and publishers. Within a short time, I received rejection notices. I knew in my heart that it was not my material but my inabilty to write an effective query letter. A friend referred me to Marla. Before contacting Marla, I spent days going over every critique and resource on Marla’s website. After which I spent the month of November on my query letter. During that time I contracted for three separate private critiques from Marla. I believe that it was Marla’s critques and insights that guided me to creating the query letter that has gotten me the recent agent interest. My manuscript is currently being reviewed by more than one agent. Thank you Marla! I feel that, without your help, my manuscript would have never gotten in the door!!


Marla, thank you again for your feedback the other day. You saw that I didn’t know what my manuscript was about and in the short time we were on skype together, I got clarity on my subject matter. You gave me the renewed enthusiasm I needed to persist with the queries. In other words, you set me straight, and for that I thank you immensely.
I took your advice and wrote a one-page synopsis. I’m now half way through re-reading the manuscript, using the synopsis as my guide. When I finish that, I’ll write a new query


It was amazing to experience how many times Marla can jigger the same contents around to create an even better query from what I thought was already a good one. Marla is a query letter surgeon. She took out whatever might confuse an agent, upped the conflict quotient, and helped me give a taste of the book. I am happy to report that she indeed knows what she is talking about  –  the very first time I sent out that query, an agent responded the next day asking for the manuscript.

FREE QQC: I was ecstatic!  Sure, you pointed out a couple problem areas in plot description and some information which you suggested I omit…but you made some positive comments that made my day…I have worked on this, my first query, for over a year and your input has been by far the most helpful.